Patok of The Town

Globe Studios developed a series of funny flash-news videos for for Globe’s Broadband and CMS teams. Each video, hosted by Alex Gonzaga, focused on a different topic (K-Dramas, Videoke staples, Mobile gaming, etc.) related to the features/services of the Globe At Home router and plan.

Director: Quintin Cu-Unjieng
Executive Producer: Jobed Nadonga
Assistant Director: Xeph Suarez
Director of Photography: Dar Baylon
Production Designer: Kaye Banaag
Production Manager: Tin Argante
Production Staff: Lorna Rey Del Val
Hair and Make Up Artist: Jerry Javier | Denise Ochoa
Stylist: Cath Sobrevega
Talent: Alex Gonzaga
Offline: Chichi Arquero
Online: Siena Quides
Mixing: Wapak Studios