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Grateful Everyday
with Globe Rewards


Grateful Everyday with Globe Rewards

As part of Globe’s annual rewards promo during 9.17, the video served as a reminder to all the wonderfull experiences one can get using Globe services. The video featured all benefits garnered through different types of connections, music, entertainment, social media, etc.

  • Director: Miko Livelo
  • Director of Photography: Kara Moreno
  • Camera Team: Bam Azegre Ardan Arcega Khen Argel Diñozo
  • Assistant Director: Paulo Maderal
  • Production Designer: Neil Lorenzo
  • Make Up Artist: Cris Joyosa
  • Live Sound: Dante Cuanico
  • Production Manager: Raymond Dorosan
  • Production Staff: Joshrel Sanga Adrian Bautista
  • Editor (Offline / Online): Renz Marrion Sebastian
  • Graphics: EJ Ortigas Joey De Guzman
  • Colorist: Biba Abiera
  • Soundtrack: Wapak Studios