(Last Song Syndrome)
In a series of missed connections and virtual song duets, we see the individual lives of Zak and Sara who are MFEO (made for each other), but are seemingly parallel lines, destined to never meet.

Hintayan ng Langit

Lisang is two years late. After dying from a complication of diabetes in her 60’s, Lisang has overstayed in her waiting room in purgatory, occasionally causing other souls trouble for her own entertainment. But today her waiting ends. Today, she is finally set to crossover and her room is to be leased to a new tenant: Manolo, her newly deceased ex-boyfriend.

Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral

The story of the youngest General in Philippine history. Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral, is now on Netflix.

Panahon ng Halimaw

Lorena is a young doctor who opens a clinic for the poor in a remote Philippine village in the late 1970s who disappears without a trace. Her husband Hugo, an activist, to come looking for her. Hugo comes to the village and comes face to face with a community shattered by violence.

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Globe Studios and Mikhail Red team up for the youth thriller Dead Kids

Globe Studios — the trailblazing entertainment company that brought us the breathtaking films All of You, Hintayan ng Langit, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw and Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral — and visionary filmmaker Mikhail “Mik” Red have announced their newest collaboration: the youth thriller Dead Kids.

Globe Studios is an entertainment production company based in the Philippines and is a division of the country’s telecommunications giant, Globe Telecom. Established in 2016, it continues to make its mark on the dynamic landscape of Philippine media with its focus on co-producing films, television and, online series contents.